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Glitter Glitter and More Glitter!!!

Fri, 08/19/2011 - 9:24PM by MissSymone 0 Comments -
Makeup UnEdited

Ok so I'm back with a a little segment i call " Makeup Reloaded". I basically talk about the things you dont hear, or should know about your favorite makeup products.

What better way to start a segment like this than talk about Glitter!!! We all love it; glitter glams up a ordinary look, or it takes a an already dolled up look and turns it into a bonifide diva-lious look! I mean come on.. lets face it, glitter is the the bomb diggity !!

Although we all rant and rave about glitter, there are some pre cautions that we should take when using glitter near the eye area. One of those precautions that get over looked allot is the type of glitter we use. It is important to know that the glitter we use should be cosmetic grade, and the proper size for cosmetic grade glitter is .004. Never buy glitter from the crafts store unless it says that its cosmetic grade because that can really do some damage to the eye area, and who wants to walk around with scratched up eye balls? lol

Glitter... Unedited



Thu, 08/18/2011 - 5:49PM by MissSymone 0 Comments -

I am a big fan of Cover girl, always have and always will be (especially there translucent powder in Honey its amazing) I know there are TONNSSSS of drug store brand makeup that is pretty good, affordable and relatable to just about everyone of us. SOoooooo with that said, what is your favorite drug store brand?



Mon, 07/18/2011 - 5:46PM by MissSymone 0 Comments -

What's the T everyone?

OK, so MAC cosmetics has a collection coming out this August titled: Seasonally Supreme.

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According to Specktra.com:

M·A·C’s new collection Sheen Supreme, a sweet and spicy palette of twelve cream-or-frost-finished shades that speaks to the region’s colour preferences in the fusion of Lipglass’ high-shine finish with the saturated colour of a Lipstick. Colour-customized, culturally tuned.




All twelve Sheen Supreme lipsticks retail for $14.50 (USD)

Tea Ceremony: neutral beige pink (cream)


  • Sheer Mandarin: mid-tone yellow orange (cream)
  • Blossom Culture: soft pink with pearl (frost)
  • Korean Candy: Bright orange-red (cream)
  • Supreme Style: light coral pink with pearl (frost)
  • Fashion City: neutral coral pink (cream)
  • Happy Hibiscus: creamy white pink (frost)
  • Royal Azalea: bright mid-tone pink (cream)
  • Asian Flower: creamy lavender (cream)
  • Insanely It: watermelon pink (cream)
  • Bare Again: pinky neutral beige (cream)
  • Supremely Confident: pale nude (cream)

These shades are set to be released sometime in August. A international release date has not been made as of yet.




Hmmm it seems to me as if MAC creativity wise has stepped their game up! I was so sick and tired of going into MAC and reaching for a lipstick, eyeshadow blush etc.. from a MAC collection, for it only to be a re-release! Since these colors look so hot and pigmented I'm Most definitely going to try out a color or two... or three lol


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mac seasonally supreme aug 2011


Quote of the Day

Thu, 07/14/2011 - 6:21PM by MissSymone 0 Comments -

"Most Men Cheat With A Hoe. My Husband Married One."

-Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans

FYI: For all that doesnt know, she was married (is now recently divorced) to Darris McCrary aka Eddie Winslow from the hit 90's Tv show "Family Matters"



My Favorite Youtube Gurus

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 9:00PM by MissSymone 0 Comments -

Ok so my other Fav youtube Guru which is really my all time favorite is Jackie (right bottom) Youtube name: lilpumkinpie05

This chick right here demolishes the youtube community of makeup. She teaches as she does the makeup, and the skills are on point yall ... its really hard to find a guru on youtube who actually knows about makeup. There are alot of people on youtube who call themselves gurus and they really cant even explain or apply makeup the proper way. Its annoying to me because they look into the cameras and lie to thousands of there views about how to do this and that, so it is really refreshing to find some one like here who can actually do both.

you can check out here channel here

ok so in no particular order here is Keisha (left) YT name: Makeupd0ll.

I love this chick! she has been one of the ones i have followed on youtube since 2009 and i have watched her grow so much. she talent has gotten better over time..

Keisha is a southern gal who loves makeup bright colors ans shopping

go and check her out here she is oh so poppin !

Ok so over the past 2 years i have really been into the Youtube makeup community, and i have my favorites and my not so favorites(which i will not disclose lol) on Youtube. So i just wanted to let you guys know who I like and I would love to know who you guys like!